How to Find the Best Stuff on Facebook Marketplace!

By now you know I’m not afraid of purchasing basically anything second-hand! And if you follow me in Instagram, you’ve probably seen my thrifted living room tour too. Since moving into our new place, my interest in home decor has been growing, and I’ve basically refurnished our new place entirely second-hand from, you guessed it, Facebook Marketplace! Furniture can be so hard to find in a thrift store, so FB Marketplace has been my go-to when it comes to larger home items, and for not much more!

FB Marketplace is brimming with goodies, you just have to know how to spot them! I’ve had my fair share of FB Marketplace surfing, and I’ve put together my tips on finding the BEST stuff! You honestly wouldn’t believe how much a little searching and imagination can help make your home looking stunning for less! This brings me to my first my first tip…

  1. Have a little imagination. Head to Pinterest for home inspiration, and browse Instagram, blogs, and homeware stores to search for furniture and homeware dupes on FB Marketplace. So much of what is in stores can be found on FB Marketplace. For example, something I find pretty consistently are French provincial mirrors that are exactly like these Anthropologie mirrors that retail for at least $450. If you gain a good base knowledge of home decor, and have a little imagination in your searching, then pointing out quality dupes on FB Marketplace will be a breeze! (Anthro mirror on the left for $450 and FB Marketplace mirror on the right for $85)

2. Search consistently. Much like thrifting, the more you search, the better items you find. Good items go FAST! If you don’t look often, then hot ticket items often times will be off the market by the time you’ve even seen it.

3. Utilize your search function. In order to hone in on items I’m looking for, I will search using a series of words like:

  • furniture type (i.e. white couch, coffee table, nightstands, etc.)
  • material type (i.e. brass, lucite, glass, marble, chrome, burl, etc.)
  • time period (i.e. mid century modern, 80s, art deco, hollywood regency, rustic, etc.)

Get as specific or as unspecific as you want! I’ve been able to find treasures

3. Search outside of your area. FB Marketplace gives you the option to search within a certain mileage of your zip code. Although I typically set mine within 25 miles of Nashville, I’ll even look further if I’m looking for something specific. If you love it enough, you’ll drive to get it!

4. Scan. Similar to doing the “thrift store scan” where you scan the racks for colors, textures, patterns that jump out, try the same thing on FB Marketplace. Quickly scan for materials, colors, and shapes that jump out at you. Often times, I don’t pay attention to the quality of the photo, how great the lighting is, or even how well the item is styled (although these are great things to be aware of when selling!), I’m just looking for characteristics that catch my eye!

5. Do your research. Find something you finally love? See if you can find what it’s going for online to gauge if it’s a good deal or not. If it’s a vintage item, then head to a site like Chairish, Etsy, or Everything But The House to compare similar items. Even if you already plan to purchase the item, it’s still fun to compare prices, and relish in the fact that you got a deal!

6. Ask Questions. Don’t be afraid to ask sellers questions. Even if it is a steal, it’s still important to know what you’re buying! Ask about the brand, age, quality, condition, dimensions, negotiate… anything. It’s better to ask questions beforehand than to find out you’re not getting what you thought you were upon picking it up.

And those are my tips! I hope these help in finding you some FB Marketplace gems out there, and happy searching!

3 thoughts on “How to Find the Best Stuff on Facebook Marketplace!

    1. Hey Johann, that table is gorgeous!! That laminate top looks to be the same type of top our table has and I do not think it looks cheap at all. The laminate top is made from burl, so typically furniture makers will use sheets of burl instead of slabs with a protective coating on top. It helps keep it shiny and protected, and is also a lot more cost effective than using an entire slab! I say GO for it! It’s a beautiful table and a great price!!

      1. You couldn’t have sold me any better. Thank you so much! Bought it and can’t wait to pick it up.

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