The Best Vintage Store in Nashville

There’s a hidden gem in Nashville that you need to know about! Located in Old Hickory, lies the BEST vintage shop in Nashville…

Live True Vintage

A recent discovery to me, Live True Vintage is everything you could look for in a vintage shop. The store’s vast collection of women’s, men’s, and children’s clothes has something for everyone. The shop’s collection is perfectly curated by the owner Tammy, who rolls around in vintage roller skates throughout the store. One of the reasons I love coming here is for the shopping experience, and Tammy of course! She loves chatting with customers who love vintage as much as she does, and you can really tell she has a passion for what she does and vintage clothing.

The shop has a huge selection of everything. Vintage tees, denim, prairie dresses, western-wear, accessories, basically anything from most any decade you can find here. I’ve walked out with a pair of linen trousers, 60s neon lime mini dress, and an 80s colorful silk dress all for a mere $50! For someone who loves a good deal like me, Live True is so well priced, and I don’t think I could ever walk out empty handed from this shop.

So if you haven’t already, you NEED to check this place out. Part of me is sad to know I am letting so many people in on my coveted spot, but most of me is HAPPY to support Tammy and Live True Vintage because it is the BEST vintage spot in Nashville!

Here’s how I’ve styled the 80s colorful silk dress, which Tammy and I have deemed the “Matisse” dress because it looks like a Matisse painting. After a few alterations, it fit me perfectly, and I even had leftover fabric to create a matching headband!

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