It’s my birthday! I’m reporting back to the bloge one year older with a little less collagen and a little more wise 😉 A quarter of a century isn’t old, but it definitely sounds like it! I wanted to think of a good way of reflecting on this past year without it sounding like I’m just bragging about myself, because this year had a lot of ups and downs. So I thought I’d limit it to my top 25 moments of this year. Some of these are amazingly happy things, and some not. It was overall my favorite year yet though. I told my friend recently that every year gets better, and I truly hope it stays like that !

  1. Planning a wedding
  2. Getting married
  3. Being married
  4. Growing my friendships in Nashville
  5. My bachelorette party
  6. Blogged more
  7. Found my voice on social media
  8. Derek
  9. Raising our bearded dragon
  10. Losing our chameleon
  11. Found journaling
  12. Invested in myself, and bought a new camera
  13. Said YES to more things
  14. Pushed my limits, and hosted my first event
  15. Created Thrifty Thursday
  16. Growing closer with my sister
  17. Found the ultimate vegan mac n cheese recipe
  18. Compared myself to a lot of strangers on the internet, and tried to get better at this
  19. Travelling
  20. Lost some friends
  21. Felt more confident
  22. Felt less confident
  23. Petted a lot of dogs
  24. Made an entire Thanksgiving dinner
  25. Second guessed most things

That ended up being more a stream of consciousness than anything haha It’s funny that most of the things that came to mind were experiences or people -related. Yes, weddings and traveling cost money, but it was all about how it felt and who I was with. I hope 26 it filled with more friends, family, laughter, and experiences. 25, you were damn good, but thank you, next.

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