Our Wedding Story! Pt. 1

Wow guys! I’m reporting back to the blog as a MARRIED WOMAN!! I can’t believe I’m finally saying that. Today, I actually signed my first email with my new last name, and it felt weird/amazing. I haven’t shared much on here leading up to the wedding, but I really didn’t want to give anything away yet, and part of me wanted to relish in that time with Derek. But I’m SO ready to share everything now, and to give you all the details of our big day! I will share a few posts coming up centered around our wedding, but today I’m just sharing how our day went!

We got married in Dripping Springs, TX at the Prospect House, on January 6, 2019. The day was perfect, and besides it being extremely windy, everything could really not have been more beautiful. We stayed at the hip Kimpton Van Zandt in Austin, and headed to the venue at 8am the morning of the wedding for our 4pm ceremony. Hair and makeup would be waiting for us when we got there, and we quickly got started!

I had gift bags waiting for each girl filled with a robe, earrings for the wedding, and some little things like stain remover wipes, aspirin, water, and snacks. We enjoyed lounging around while listening to some jams and getting glammed up. There seriously is nothing like getting your hair and makeup done for a special event, and our beauty vendor, Lola Beauty ATX made everyone look stunning! We broke around 10am to have our rehearsal. Because our venue is used primarily as a wedding venue, we were not able to have our rehearsal the night before due to a wedding taking place.

After the rehearsal, the boys headed to Jester King Brewery, just down the road from the venue, and the ladies continued hair and makeup. At this point things started to get really real, but it also felt like a complete blur. People were asking me how I felt and all I could say was I was very overwhelmed. I had SO many emotions, and not much time to process that everything I had working on for the past year and finally getting to marry Derek in front of our loved ones was about to happen! It was completely surreal and I just can’t put it into words!

Through all this, my amazing wedding planner and her team, EPOCH CO+, made sure everything was running smoothly, and that I really got to be in the moment (as much as that’s possible on your wedding day!). I truly can’t imagine how much of a nervous wreck I would’ve been if it weren’t for Heather, Paige, and the rest of the amazing EPOCH CO+ team! They kept us on time when hair and makeup was running behind after HOURS of getting ready, and offered help with anything and everything they could.

To be continued…

I wanted to keep these posts fairly short, so I’m going to share the second half of our wedding on the next post! In my next post, I’ll talk about putting on my dress, working with my photographer, first looks, the ceremony, and the reception!

XO, Taylor

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