Gift Guide – Under $50

The holidays are here!! I love Christmas time SO much. It brings back so many memories of the holidays of the past and all of my family traditions. Christmas is big in our family, and so is gift giving. We all definitely show our love through giving. I love giving thoughtful gifts to loved ones and spreading Christmas cheer through giving. With that, I am putting together several gift guides for you all, and I’m so excited about all of them!! Today’s Gift Guide featured items under $50! I hope you enjoy and get to spread some holiday cheer and give to those who have given you so much!

  1. Five Minute Journal – This gratitude and goal journal takes 5 minutes to fill out every day and literally changed my life
  2. Handmade Reusable Hand Warmers
  3. Mod Planter
  4. Pom Pom Beanie
  5. Facial Steamer
  6. Mario Bedescu Facial Spray Trio
  7. Pendleton Texting Gloves
  8. Spatty Daddy – This little tool gets the last of your makeup products out of the container!
  9. Glam Glow Face Mask
  10. Metal Straws
  11. Lit Travel Mirror
  12. Jade Roller
  13. Letter board
  14. Faux Fur Scarf
  15. Mejuri Midi Hoops 
  16. Fuzzy Weighted Blanket
  17. Massage Shower Head
  18. Glossier Balm Dot Calm Trio Set
  19. Daily Planner
  20. Volcano Candle

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