How to Thrift Fall Clothing

Fall… what a breath of fresh air! Today it was 68°, the windows were down, and I think I’m finally ready to say goodbye to Summer, and give big warm welcome to Fall! Now that I’ve finally parted ways with Summer (mostly), I’m starting to curate my Fall wardrobe. It’s so exciting when another season rolls around, and I get to dive into the next season’s trends! So after researching some Fall trends, I decided to see what Fall trends I could find at a thrift store.

When starting to curate my Fall wardrobe, I first looked at what some of this season’s trends were. This is my favorite part because it basically means getting on Pinterest (follow me here for more inspo!), watching NYFW, and skimming magazine articles. Some trends I am SO excited to try to thrift are:


  • Animal print – any and all, but cheetah print seems to be the most popular
  • Plaid – Cher Horowitz inspired plaid sets and blazers – I’m so there!
  • Bold, Bright, Neon Colors– Specifically incorporated with plaid or cheetah print
  • White Boots – If there’s one boot you should own for fall it’s a white pair!
  • Cowboy Boots – Upgraded with stiletto heels or knee-high cut for a modern rendition
  • Short Suits – Party on the bottom, business on the top 😉
  • Faux Snakeskin – Perfectly tasteful on a mini skirt or jacket


After creating my list of my favorite fall trends and looking in my own closet to see what I already had, I headed to the thrift store to see what Fall trends I could add into my wardrobe! I was able to find so many on trend pieces all less than $10 per item… here’s how!

The easiest way to find some of these trends was to simply skim over the different patterns and colors on the racks. Things like animal prints, bold patterns, or colors stick out immediately, and are an easy spot. Then, you can decide if the fit and design are what you’re looking for. This cheetah print top was 1 among SO many cheetah print items, but the simple cut, and soft t-shirt material made it a must-buy!

When looking for more specified items like my Fall trends list, I always try to have a really open mind. Ask yourself, how can you update a thrifted item to make it more relevant? I’m always thinking about how I can style a piece, what accessories I could pair with it, or what alterations I could make to it to make the piece even better. This top was originally from Jones New York – a brand that is geared towards middle aged woman (my mom wears this brand! haha), and sold at department stores. It could easily come off as frumpy, but tucked into a vintage denim mini skirt, paired with trendy Adidas sneakers, and a pop of red lip helps make it on trend, and so cute!

You’ve never going to find exactly what you’re looking for at the thrift store. Although styles seem to always come back around, you’re not going to be able to find every single trend at a thrift store. I encourage everyone to thrift often, and fill in the gaps of items you can’t find by pairing items you can thrift, with non-thrifted items. Y’all know I’m the biggest advocate for thrifting, but you never want to look like you’ve just walked straight out of a thrift store. You’ll find SO many unique items to pair with trendier new items, and together they’ll create a harmonious pairing of old and new!


What Fall trend are you looking forward to the most?!










PicMonkey Sample








PicMonkey Sample





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Shop my look here!

Denim Skirt – Vintage thrifted, similar here

Cheetah T – thrifted, similar here

Adidas Sneakers – here




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