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I did a poll on my Instagram stories a while ago about whether or not y’all would like blog posts related to my wedding, and the overall answer was a big YES! So if you’re part of my Instagram tribe, then you’ve probably been waiting for a while for me to post something on this platform about my wedding. Right now, we’re about 8 months out, and it’s already been a wild ride. We’ve got the basics down, venue, wedding planner, dress, catering, but now for the really important part, picking who is going to stand by me on the special day!

In today’s Wedding Update (I’m picturing that to be read like Weekend Update on SNL, and I am a way less cool version of Tina Fey or Amy Poehlar), we’re talking about all things wedding party. Well at least the choosing of your party, and the details of my invitation boxes I sent each special lady. To me it was really important to make each of these ladies feel really special, and to put in a lot of effort in making their decision (spoiler alert, they all said YES!) one to remember. It’s my wedding, but I wouldn’t be who I am without each of these girls, so it really mattered to me that I start off my bridal party with meaningful gifts.

On Choosing Your Party:

This is obviously so different from bride to bride. I have friends who had giant bridal parties, and friends who eloped. So first off, choose whatever is best for you and your partner. This wedding is about 2 people, so it honestly doesn’t matter what your grandma and your best friend want, do what’s best for you! For me, I just wanted the people there who mattered. If that had been 1 person or 12 people, that’s who I would’ve had in my party. I ended up choosing 6 ladies, and I couldn’t be happier!

I took about 4 months to choose who I wanted to be in my party. We were just about to make our move to Nashville when we got engaged, so I knew there was a lot of change on the horizon. I waited, and I’m really glad I did because I ended up meeting some amazing people, one of which is in my party now! On the other hand, if ya know, ya know! I also asked a few ladies (my sister and my childhood best friend), and had known since before I ever even met Derek that I wanted to ask them. I was never one of those people who had a group of life long friends that I knew I wanted in my wedding, but in the past few years, I had met so many amazing friends who made my decisions easy. Life was changing a lot when we first got engaged, so I felt good with waiting a while to make my final decisions. So when making your decision, take your time! Embrace being engaged before rushing into wedding planning, and enjoy!

On Bridesmaid Invitations:

I’ve seen many forms of bridesmaids invitations. I opted to go with individualized boxes loaded with goodies! Again, I wanted to start off the festivities with giving them something I had put time and effort in to show my gratitude. I also wanted to set the stage for my wedding aesthetic, so I designed the boxes with my wedding theme in mind. I’m trying not to give too much away before the wedding day, but I can tell you it will definitely be very boho inspired. So with that in mind I chose these boxes I snagged from Joann Fabrics. They had a bunch of different colors but I opted for these dark charcoal ones with touches of pink, florals, and gold. Joann was the perfect place to get everything because they had great coupons, and I was able to get all the craft supplies in one stop. When you’re buying items for 6 people, it starts to get pricey, so any little bit helps! I decorated the lid with faux flowers and greenery, and cut them into bouquets for a really natural, boho feel. I individualized every bouquet with each bridesmaid’s first initial cut out of gold glitter paper. Thank the lord for hot glue guns, let me tell you!

The outside of the box really laid the grounds for the best part… the contents! The contents of the box might be my favorite part of the invitations! I got a bunch of this crinkle cut paper from the dollar store so the items weren’t rolling around when I shipped them, and to add a layer for the items to sit on. This stuff comes in a million colors, and it’s cheap so it was the perfect way to incorporate another design element without spending a whole lot of money. On top I added:

A personalized champagne glass – I ordered this pack of a dozen from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $10! By far these were the cheapest I could find, and we had a few leftover! I ordered these gold name decals from Etsy, and slapped them on the flutes to add another personalized touch. I love the idea of giving a champagne flute because everyone can use them for the bachelorette, and when getting ready for the wedding. So cute for pictures!

Scratch off Proposals – So I had so many ideas on the actual “proposal” part of the boxes. There are so many cute stationery options, but I ended up going with these super unique scratch off proposals I got on Etsy. The seller had many design options, so it was easy to match with my overall design. The scratch off part was just the icing on top!

Diamond Ring Tray – I wanted to add a few smaller items in the box too, so I went to the most obvious place… target! HELLLLOOOO dollar section. I lucked out on these perfect ring trays in the shape of diamonds in the dollar section. I was shopping around Valentine’s Day, so they had every girly item I could’ve ever wanted. They don’t have any more now, but definitely check out Target for cheaper items like this one! A few other places that are amazing for finding inexpensive smaller items are: Ulta (the travel section is perfect!!), TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, Michaels, Marshalls, and Home Goods.

Nail Polish – Not too much to explain here, but I included Essie nail polish for each lady. I hand picked the colors for everyone’s box to match each person’s personality. They loved them, and thought it was cool that I picked something specifically with them in mind.

 Alternative items to add:

Mini Champagne Bottles (Coat them with glitter like this pinterest tutorial shows if you wanna be extra)

Cookies – I love these personalized cookies. You could even do them as your proposal in lieu of a stationery proposal like these

A personalized piece of jewelry – If you want to keep it simple, send a piece of personalized jewelry and a card!

Ring pop (or other candy!) – love this cute idea for inexpensive filler items!

Personalized mugs – love these I found on Etsy!

I love bringing all of you on this wedding planning journey with me. It feels amazing to get to share such a special time in our lives with all of y’all! What else are y’all dying to know about planning a wedding?! Let me know!

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