Suspender Stylin’

The idea of styling suspenders has really stumped me for a while. Of course I’ve seen them styled many times, but hadn’t dared trying them myself. I guess they always sort of gave me an old-man vibe, haha. Lately, I’ve been inspired to try them, and when I thrifted this pair of vintage suspender trousers I knew it was time to give this trend a go. I slipped on the trousers, and pulled up the suspenders, and was immediately hooked! I knew I had to do a shoot with them, so I met up with a local photographer, Amy Kate, and we had fun creating these images together in downtown Tampa!

I haven’t played around with men’s wear much, and I think that’s where my apprehension to styling suspenders may lay. So I chose to feminize my outfit with this adorable candy striped crop top I picked up at Forever 21 for just $14.90. It also comes in blue and taupe. Y’all know I looove red though. Mixing vintage items and affordable modern clothing is how I make all my looks a bit more modernized. Since it’s not quite Spring here in Nashville yet, I would probably pair them with a vintage tee to make it more casual, or a blouse with big sleeves, or maybe some polka dots to dress them up a bit, and stay warm until the Spring weather kicks in!

Capture  Capture 1  Capture 2  Capture 3


Another trend I’ve been a little hesitant to try were scrunchies. I typically have at least one vintage item incorporated into my looks, so adding a scrunchy just seemed too cheesy. But hey, if I’m knocking out trying suspenders for the first time, I might as well add on a scrunchy too! I added this red scrunchy I also picked up at Forever 21 to literally top off my look with a fun half pony. What do you think of the scrunchy trend? Should it go back to the 80s or keep going strong? You’ll definitely being seeing more from me! I then paired my look with my favorite red block heels and fun red sunglasses, another great Forever 21 find!

Capture 4 Capture 5 Capture 6capture-7.png



I thrifted these vintage 90s suspender trousers for like $2, which may be the best purchase I’ve ever made! I can’t wait to style these in more ways, so I’m sure more to come! Since I thrifted these, I’ve linked some similar suspender looks below that I’m dying to try!

Capture 8 Capture 9.PNG Capture 10 Capture 11



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