How to Incorporate Vintage into Your Wardrobe

I’ve always been that girl who people would tell me, “You can pull off anything!”.  And frankly, it’s true! My style has frequently been classified by others as being bold and sometimes a little out of the norm. But people are always quick to tag on, “…but I could never pull that off” after complimenting me. Now, I’ve also always been that girl who thinks the “I could never pull that off” tag is a load of shit. First of all, what does “pulling it off” even mean? The most important thing you can wear is confidence *always*. Nothing is worse than walking into a room feeling self conscious about the outfit you thought was bomb just moments before. So I wanted to preface this post by adding that because it’s really, really important. “Pulling it off  is mainly how you wear something, not what you wear. Confidence is key, as they say! However, I understand where people are coming from. Styling vintage items presents it’s own set of challenges. There’s a few strategies I utilize when it comes to styling vintage items that make my outfits appear effortless. Today, I’ll be going over my sure fire ways to incorporate vintage items in your wardrobe so you too can “pull it off”!

  1. Get Inspired by Modern Trends – Vintage is made to be reinvented! At least in my opinion it is. I look for modern trends that I can recreate with vintage items because every trend comes back at some time or another. Shag coats and vests have really been in this year, so when I stumbled upon this shag vest at a vintage store, I already had so many ideas on how to incorporate it in a modern outfit after seeing it styled by so many people recently. Look to modern trends to get inspired!
  2. Make it Your Own – I’m sure some vintage lovers may find this one a bit sacrilegious, but don’t be afraid to give vintage items new life! Crop it, fray it, dye it, do whatever feels you. I am often drawn to certain aspects of a vintage piece, but maybe there’re some aspects I’m not so hot about. If possible, I always try to think of ways to make it more me by altering the item, giving the item new hardware, or maybe simply tucking the collar in on a button down. Vintage is just waiting for you to give it new life, and make it your own!
  3. Statement Vintage – Now sure how to mix old and new? A statement dress or jumpsuit is my old faithful. Always there to pick me up, and show me there’s no need to overthink an outfit. Slap on a statement dress or jumpsuit, and you’re basically good to go. Styling vintage statement pieces is super easy when you already have about 80% of your outfit complete with 1 item!
  4. Stick to the Basics – To be honest, there’s a lot of vintage out there that I don’t know how I’d style, or rather would not style in a million years. Ah, not all vintage is created equal! I incorporate a lot of vintage into my wardrobe by sticking to the basics. I’m talking denim, hats, and tees!  These basics are the staples of my closet, and I build a lot of outfits around them. Start with some vintage basics like a tee or sweatshirt, then add a skirt or jeans, and top it off with heels or booties, and you have a “I could never pull that off ” outfit that you’re pulling off!
  5. Embrace It! – Most importantly, embrace it! You truly feel your absolute best when you put on an outfit that you love, and feel proud of creating. Years of feeling like I had to conform to the clothes everyone else was wearing led to low self confidence, and left me feeling uninspired by clothes. Embrace the vintage items in your outfit, and feel confident in how you wear them. I probably sound like a self help book now, but honestly, it’s how I find the way to pull off everything I wear!

Let me know if you try any of these tips out, and how they worked for you!


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3 thoughts on “How to Incorporate Vintage into Your Wardrobe

  1. I recently scored a vintage metal concert t shirt at a thrift store. It’s the kind of piece where you literally have a jaw drop, look of complete disbelief reaction in the middle of the store. I knew what I had. It’s such a rush. But here’s the thing… I normally don’t wear anything like that. But suddenly I’m imagining all the cool ways to style it. (With a skirt and heels or under a chunky cardigan, skinny jeans and my favorite 70’s vintage brown boots)
    That’s the thing that is so great about vintage and thrifting… You can always find something that adds true originality to your look and inspires others to try something unexpected too!
    I will admit though, there’s nothing worse than the ol’
    (Person wearing something AMAZING)…
    “wow where did you get that!?”
    “Oh, it’s vintage”.

    1. I could not agree more! I love when I find those super rare pieces, and it changes my whole style! Vintage tees are the easiest thing to style too! They can look good with just about everything!

  2. Wahhh I love your blog, thanksss. It makes me want to try it again. I’ve been wanting to go vintage for almost 7months already but I’m having a hard time because I have no idea on what staples should I go with first.

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