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Alright, I don’t need to tell y’all again that I went to Austin, but if ya didn’t know… I went to Austin! This weird city is one of my favorite places to visit, so much so that my fiance and I are getting married there in a little less than a year. I cannot wait to celebrate with all of our close friends and family in this fun city! Enough wedding talk though, let’s get into what you’re all here for… vintage shopping!

I managed to squeeze in time between stuffing my face at catering and cake consultations to visit three vintage shops in Austin. While I wish I could’ve visited more shops, these three stores did not disappoint! All three are very different, and for that reason fit perfectly into must-visit shops if you’re headed to Austin for a weekend. My experience at each shop was unique, but all three had stunning merchandise and shop views! I’ve reviewed each sop below, and hope you get a chance to visit!

Feathers Boutique Vintage


Feathers Boutique Vintage was the first stop on my vintage shopping tour. Just a heads up, if you don’t plan on visiting Austin any time soon, you can purchase any of their AMAZING pieces through their Instagram or their website, and they will ship it to you. And after you see the items they have, you’ll definitely want to buy from them!

Feathers specializes in all hand picked vintage items. They have a wide variety of merchandise including vintage apparel, home wares, artisan jewelry, and even their own line of re-worked vintage clothing called Feathers Originals. When you walk in the store you immediately step into a beautifully curated shop with racks of vintage clothing  and an array of hats lining the walls.I could already tell the shopping experience was going to be unforgettable. You can tell that a lot of time, effort, and thought is put into making this the perfectly curated shop complete with vintage boho decor for a very cozy feel.

The shop was well organized making it easy to find vintage goodies. Every piece in the store had a purpose, and was expertly curated. Again, you could really tell that they were looking for very one-of-a-kind pieces, ensuring every piece fit into their motif. From vintage denim to evening gowns, they had it all! I managed to find vintage designer brands as well as handmade items. Their variety in merchandise make it a vintage shopper’s paradise. There is truly something for everyone! As the name indicates, this is a hand picked boutique. The quality and uniqueness of their items make them a little pricier than an average vintage store, but because of this are 100% worth it. You won’t find any drab 80s dresses here!

Prototype Vintage

Conveniently located next door to Feathers, Prototype Vintage is another must stop vintage shop in Austin. Again, the wonderful power of social media allows you to shop their Instagram feed. Just shoot them a DM, and they’ll send you an invoice and ship! Prototype’s shop has a fun, funky vibe. It was totally my style!

Their racks of clothes are jam packed with so many amazing vintage finds that I spent an hour just trying to go through everything, which I am totally fine with! Everything was organized by color making the shop easy to spot colors I gravitate towards and spend less time on one’s I don’t wear often. I started in the red clothing, and worked my way through the different colors of clothing. This store truly has something for everyone! Their selection was encompassing of every style, size, and era. I gravitated towards the 70s and western items, but there was evening gowns, fur coats, denim, and a huge t-shirt collection. Prototype didn’t just have a huge collection of women’s vintage, they also had a hefty amount of men’s, and even a baby section. A.K.A Check me here in about 10 years, and I’ll deck my future baby out.

Basically, if you don’t walk out of this store with something it’s a damn miracle! While the store’s merchandise was vast, all of the items were dazzling, well-made, and offered their own special character to the store. Prototype was quirky, cute, and very affordable! I was so impressed with their collection of curated vintage, but I was most in awe over their vintage t-shirt collection. They probably had 100+ vintage t-shirts ranging in decades and sizes. This is where I spent the majority of my time because I love a good vintage T, and they were all in the $30 range! I will visit this store again and again on any future trips. It’s a must!

Passport Vintage

Last but not least, Passport Vintage! I have followed Passport for a little over 2 years on Instagram and Etsy (fyi you can also shop their Insta feed). They recently opened their new shop in central south Austin, and it was an absolute dream to see their Instagram come to life irl! This shop specializes in vintage denim, hard to find vintage T’s, and wearable basics. In fact, their super cool slogan on their Instagram is “Vintage Jeans For Modern Butts”. Love that!

Located in a house-turned-vintage-shop, Passport’s shop is a haven for plants, primary colors, and lots of bomb vintage! I was immediately greeted by an employee as I walked in, and he helped me sort through their collection of items telling me exactly how everything was organized. I got sucked in by their vintage Levi and Wrangler collection, with every size and style known to man. Passport has a collection of vintage denim the size and quality which I’ve never seen before! They also had a huge collection of denim jackets that were equally as notable. As I said, the shop is located in a former house, so once you’re done in one room, just move on to the next! After pillaging the denim collection, I sauntered into the next room of vintage. I immediately saw… VINTAGE BOOTLEG GUCCI! Score!!!

You may be thinking, why were you freaking out about bootleg anything? So, here’s a little history lesson. Vintage bootleg Gucci is often viewed as more authentic than the real thing. I’m not talking all Gucci, mostly just referring to the popular Gucci logo tees and sweatshirts. When Gucci came out with the Gucci 2017 cruise collection, it resembled a lot of their 80s collection, but also resembled a whole lot like 80s vintage bootleg Gucci. So basically, Gucci ripped themselves but more importantly ripped their own bootleg. I personally thing this is amazing. After all, what is vintage for if not to repeat itself? But now, bootleg Gucci is viewed by some as the OG vintage Gucci over the real deal. I wish history class in high school was that fun. I would’ve succeeded a lot more. History lessons aside, I walked away with a super rad vintage bootleg Gucci tee, and I could not be more ecstatic, so get ready to see it in every blog post going forward! Not really, but I’ll be wearing it a lot. The second room had at least 30+ vintage bootleg Gucci pieces making it really hard to choose from. This is also where they had their “wearable” basics section complete with an array of vintage and basic T’s. Passport has always been one of my all time favorite vintage shops, and after visiting their brick and mortar, I just love them more! I will continue to shop here for as long as my butt stays modern 😉

If you visit any of these shops while in Austin please tell me what you thought!

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  2. Taylor,
    It was such a pleasure meeting you when you stopped by PASSPORT! I am so happy to hear that you have been following us for 2 years (and haven’t gotten bored)! Thank you for your review of the shop and taking these wonderful photos, you definitely have an amazing eye for photography. I’ve added your blog to my Bloglovin feed, hopefully, you will share photos of your wedding here in Austin which I am sure will be incredible!!
    Best wishes,
    Co-owner of PASSPORT

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