New Years Goals

Whew! What a year 2017 has been. It seemed to go by in one swift blur, but also dragged on into eternity at times – I’m lookin at you, Presidential election of 2017. In my own life, 2017 was a year of so much change, growth, and finding my own path in this world, and in the blogging world. And also much realization that blogging is hard work! With the start of the new year I’m taking time to reflect and regroup, set some intentions for the new year, and basically get my shit together for 2018!

This last year was an absolute whirlwind in my personal life. I created my blog, got engaged, moved to Nashville, started my first job, and truly learned so much about myself and my relationship. Blogging aside, I realized that wow, life is hard work. Keeping a steady balance of things is a job in and of itself, and is something I look froward to improving on. Not to toot my own horn, but I feel like I did a pretty damn fine job considering how much change 2017 threw at me. In content creation, I wrote 34 blog posts, 299 Instagram posts, worked with 2 photographers in over a dozen photoshoots for a local vintage shop and world wide brands, and connected with hundreds of people from across the world. I want to give thanks to everyone who has supported me through this year, and the biggest thanks to my fiance who has given so much time and energy to make this blog a reality!

Through all the incredible joys of 2017, there has also been plenty less than happy moments. C’est la vie! But I’ll get into all of that soon in my 1 year blogging anniversary review. Right now though, I’m looking forward. 2018 is going to get my all! Last year, I had some personal goals that I didn’t share, but rather shared a word of the year, Intent. Setting my intentions has been something I’ve tried to strive for in creating content, and living my life. Honestly, I still love the meaning of this word, and I plan on keeping it my word of the year going into 2018. With my word set, I’m also setting some New Years goals for what’s to be the best year yet that I’d like to share. Here goes!

  • Plan ahead – When I first started my blog, I talked to one of my favorite bloggers, Nicole, from Writes Like a Girl. She offered me a lot of great tips for starting my blog, including planning ahead. After this year, I realized how important this is in so many ways. Since blogging is my side hustle on top of a full time job, planning is key. Looking ahead at my schedule and planning content gets me on top of my game, never having to scramble to put something together, or worse not doing anything at all. Giving yourself deadlines, planning content ahead, and always thinking creatively are the keys to not feeling overwhelmed in being a blogger, and I hope to plan more in order to get more content out!
  • Think about others – This past year was a lot of figuring out who I am, and I;m sure this year will be a lot more of that. I also realize with this that I need to take more time thinking about others, giving back to my community, supporting causes I believe in, and lifting others up. 2017 brought out a lot of negativity in America, some I find utterly horrifying and inhumane. But none of this matters in any front, if I can’t find it in myself to act on that, and contribute. I want to explore what ways I can give back, and think of my community and others more frequently irl and through social media.
  • Actively be positive – I say actively, because this is a really hard one. Being positive doesn’t always come naturally to me, or for a lot of other people. Not to mention, there is no clear solution. This year, I hope to recognize the things that trigger negativity, and combat these instances with positive habits. My immediate response typically is to dwell on the negative, all the while wasting emotions and time that could be better spent on creating. Not to say that I’m never going to be negative ever again, but I hope to spend less time on the negative, and more on the positive!
  • Create more content – 2017 was a year of finding my balance between irl and blogging life. This year, I hope to grasp my role in the blogging world better, and ultimately create more content. Whether in the form of blog posts, instragram posts, live videos, insta stories, new series, and youtube videos (!!), I  want to increase my output of content, and ultimately get more creative in type and variety of content I produce.
  • Connect with others – The reason I have a blog and social media is to connect with all of you amazing people. I hope to inspire you, to help you stay positive, to encourage you, to have fun with you, and to gain more friendships. Taking time to read 5 blog posts a week from other bloggers, read non-fashion related posts, take 15 minutes every day to reach out to followers and other bloggers on Instagram to help connect with others, and create my own blogging community are some ways I hope to go about making this a reality. Now more than ever, it’s really important to me to make these connections to build these relationships, and my favorite – getting to know all of you!

What are your New Years goals? Tell me!


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