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Y’all already knew I love blazers. I own far too many, yet I keep buying more because I think they’re an absolute closet essential! It’s the easiest way to take a simple outfit (like jeans and sweaters) and make them a little more interesting! Winter can make me feel pretty blah with less hours of sun and the cold, so I always take advantage of the things I love about winter… plaid, layering, and blazers to name a few!

Usually when I put together an outfit, I start with one core item. This is usually an item I’ve purchased recently, have seen someone else style recently that I want to recreate, or maybe a particular piece that’s speaking to me that day. Blazers are a great place to start when putting an outfit together. You can build an entire out around a blazer, or sometime I’ll do this vice versa, and throw it on at the very end. They’re versatile, and frankly make you look like a boss bitch! Here are 3 ways I style my blazers:

  1. Dress it up! Throw one on over a mini dress or skirt. The look of an oversized blazer over a mini dress or skirt can take a dress from season to season instantly. This also helps to balance out an outfit for colder weather. Pair with tights for winter!
  2. Dress it down! Pair a blazer with jeans and a vintage t-shirt. This is my go-to outfit, my OG, my holy grail. When I’m in a pinch for time I this is the outfit I always grab. It looks well thought out even though I’m literally wearing a t-shirt and jeans… with a blazer. So simple, and always stylish!
  3. Get sporty! What if you’re feeling to lazy to even put jeans or a t-shirt on? Then don’t! Track pants, sneakers, and a blazer are the perfect sporty, but also suited up look. Although I wouldn’t recommend for casual Friday, this look is the perfect casual way to wear an oversized blazer.

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