Coming Clean

As a blogger, it’s hard not fall into the trends each season brings. And with the growing of social media every day, trends seem to come and leave faster than ever before. This is why it’s great to invest in statement pieces that you’ll have for a long time, and one of the many reasons I love thrifting and vintage clothing. Yes, a lot of the vintage I buy is trend based, and vintage is becoming more and more trendy, but most of it I just think are really cool, unique pieces that virtually never go out of style. Mostly because they were never trendy in the first place in terms of what’s popular right now but to me, vintage is timeless. Okay, not all of it, but a lot of it at least!

I really try to give my wardrobe of big heaping dose of vintage mixed in with trendier pieces (most of which I’ve thrifted!), but some that I get from…. FAST FASHION. I’m gonna be real with y’all, it can be hard to admit that I’ve contributed to the fast fashion industry over the years. Though my contribution is dwindling, I still haven’t been able to completely rid my closet of a few items I couldn’t help but purchase for the sake of their cheapness and cuteness. So, I wanted to share a few of my controversial thoughts on fast fashion.

  • Just because you shop in fast fashion doesn’t make you a bad person. No, really! I think social media makes it a lot easier with this nowadays as well. I couldn’t count how many times over the past year, that I’ve read or watched a video on some form of social media that made me feel like I was a monster for the few items I had in my closet from fast fashion retailers. While I wholeheartedly agree and understand getting the message out, I also felt like I had to cover up the fact that I occasionally fell into the fast fashion trap. Even though I stand behind this message, I am still a firm believer that it’s never okay to berate someone over their life choices, and the only way to combat this is through compassion, understanding, and most importantly education.
  • 7% of the items hanging in my closet are from fast fashion retailers. *Cue the hate mail now* I am being generous here as this doesn’t include everything folded up and my vintage handbag collection, but to me that ain’t too bad. Considering a lot of these items were purchased dating back a few years, I feel pretty good about that! Understanding where you are in your closet, can help you get a better grasp on how your purchases are contributing to the fast fashion industry.
  • To expand on the above START WITH WHAT YOU CAN DO. There’s no need to go into your closet this very second, and get rid of all your fast fashion items. Instead, start with what you can do right now. Going back to my first bullet, I hate that social media can make you feel so damn about what you are doing right, and can often times make you solely focus on everything you’re doing wrong. I actually had someone comment on an Instagram post of me drinking coffee recently that my picture would’ve been better if I had a reusable cup. I could’ve been pissed (of course I was at first…) but then I realized I do a lot for this beautiful earth I live on including personally taking my recycling to a recycling center because my complex doesn’t offer recycling, eating a vegan diet, and thrifting approximately 93% of my wardrobe! I start with the can do, and go from there.
  • Don’t ignore what’s right in front of you though! The point of starting with the “can do”, is realizing there is more beyond this, and that the fast fashion industry is a deep-rooted problem in our society. It’s educating yourself (I highly suggest watching “The True Cost” or at least reading the summed up version here), and taking action starting with what you can do. There’s always more “can do” that can be done! Maybe one day, my entire closet will be free of fast fashion, and it’s something I actively think about more and more. But if it’s not, I’m not going to kill myself over it because I know how much positive effects my other purchases and life choices have as well as what I’ve already achieved with my can do attitude. Maybe one day, I’ll carry a reusable coffee mug with me too! For right now though, I’m starting with the can do, and taking the next step.

I bring up all these thoughts to let you know that this outfit wasn’t entirely fast fashion free. In fact, my new favorite pair of red boots worn in this shoot I purchased last month at a fast fashion retailer. However, everything else wasn’t, and as much as I feel guilty about my fast fashion faux pas, I still love these boots, and I feel great knowing that the rest of this outfit was entirely thrifted. I focus on the positives and the can do! In a world where there seems to be so much wrong, and you feel like you’re never doing enough why not focus on the positive impacts you have currently, and try to actively improve?



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