Sweaters on Sweaters

With all this talk of how beautiful Fall is in Tennessee since moving to Nashville, I was really getting impatient with how long this season was taking. Stepping outside my door everyday way overdressed with cute Fall layers on was getting old, and the Summer heat here was starting to get stale. A quick trip down Broadway during the light of day revealed the steaming smell of spilled alcohol night after night encrusted on the sidewalk. Ah, to live in a city again! But I was really starting to wonder, is Fall ever going to get here?

Thankfully, I had a trip planned to New England in the books, and soon found myself in a Fall wonderland! (basically like a Winter wonderland but waaay better) Think crispy leaves in an array of oranges and reds, old brick roads, and cute-ass cottages. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, and when it did finally hit in Nashville about a week after my trip, it did not disappoint! Before my faith was restored in the Tennessee Fall I was promised, I had a little glimpse of Fall in New England on this weekend trip to help me really get in the Fall spirit.

If you read my last blog post, then you know I spent a lot of time putting together the looks for this trip. 2 hours to be exact… In my exasperated spree to pack, I definitely forgot how cold 50° felt. I am truly a Florida girl at heart… in case it was up for debate. Thankfully, I had packed enough essentials that I put this outfit together in 5 minutes when I got to the hotel. Fhew! This just goes to show myself that I was really overthinking the packing thing. A simple sweater, jeans, and boots can really go a long way! I always try to put unique outfits together, but I tend to get so caught up in the outcome, that I forget about the process. Just because the whole Fall sweater-jeans-boots thing has been done a million times, doesn’t mean that I can’t make it my own! My closet’s life blood is unique items, so I’m trying to keep my styling simple, and think about the individual pieces rather than the outcome right now. Unique items = unique looks without even trying!

For this Fall look I layered an orange cashmere sweater for a little pop of color under a vintage knitted cardigan complete with a fur collar. The statement in this outfit is definitely the cardigan with its’ dramatic collar so I opted for a simple pair of dark wash skinny jeans, vintage brown boots with a chunky heel, and tan fiddler cap to really let the furry collar shine! I threw the hat in as an extra in my bag when on my packing tear, thinking maybe I’ll wear it (as us over-packers do), and it really topped the look off. Simple outfit + statement pieces = not a simple outfit anymore! I fit right in with the New England Fall colors, and really ended up loving my outfit even though it wasn’t the outfit I had planned to make my Fall debut in!

How about you? Do you focus more on the individual items when putting an outfit together, or do you think more about the overall aesthetic and end result?

Get my look below:

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