Dress Don’t Think

Ever since I started working from home, I feel like my style has blossomed. I’m less stuck in wearing the same combinations of work wear to the office every morning, and it’s made getting dressed when I do go out even more exciting! There are no dress codes, no Friday jeans days, and no strict limit on how much time I have to get dressed in the morning. It has its downsides as well though. Turns out I’m not so much the no makeup-yoga pants-tshirt kinda girl. I guess I could’ve guessed that knowing myself but part of me still loves peeling myself out of bed in the morning (after sleeping in til the very last second), pulling on a fresh pair of sweats and getting my work/lounging on.

Through this change in my life, I’ve eliminated a lot of time; time for commuting, packing a lunch, doing my office rounds. I now have so much time to get ready that it almost feels like too much time! Recently, I spent about 2 hours trying to pick out 3 outfits for a weekend trip. I’m terrible at math, but pretty sure that equals 40 minutes per outfit. Yikes. After that trip I really started to evaluate how I’m thinking about my style, or overthinking rather. Why was I making this so complicated? Before working from home, although I felt annoyed by having 10 minutes to pick out an outfit for work, I was often times amazed at how much I loved my outfit in the end. So I made a goal to try to hone in my style this month, mold it a bit more, think about what I really want my style to say, to evaluate and then dress, and to not overthink it!

And what would a goal be without proactively trying to achieve it (a.k.a the hustle)? A goal that’s not going to happen! So I’ve put together a road map of some of my Fall style go-to’s to share what my current dress-don’t-think outfits consist of:

  • Blazers
  • Vintage tees
  • The perfect boot
  • Trousers/Denim
  • Vintage purse


What are your favorite Fall go-to’s?

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