Nashville Vintage Shop Guide

As most of you all know, I am always down to check out thrift stores, and that’s really where I find most of my vintage items. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to tediously sift through the racks of items in search of polyester and bell bottoms though. I personally love the thrill of the hunt, which is what makes thrifting so enjoyable for me! The energy rush of finding vintage for cheap is what I live for, however, the time you can put in to finding vintage items at the thrift store can often be unfruitful, leaving you frustrated and empty-handed.

So during our recent trip to Nashville, I set forth to find the BEST vintage shops in the area to create a Nashville Vintage Store Guide in hopes of helping local or visiting vintage-lovers find their must-go-to shops without the hassle of combing through thrift stores. Thrifting isn’t for everyone, and that’s TOTALLY OKAY because that’s where I come in! I believe paying higher prices for vintage isn’t a bad thing, and can be just as satisfying to find rare vintage via a vintage shop you otherwise couldn’t find at the thrift. In fact, the purpose of my blog isn’t to force people to thrift, but more to help my readers become more aware of:

  1. Where your clothes come from
  2. Creatively styling clothes that you might not wear otherwise
  3. Trying out something new on the low
  4. Supporting sustainable clothing

In creating this guide, I stumbled into one problem… there were SO many shops to choose from! So I’ve decided to make this into a mini series, and review a few shops at a time. I’ll show you the in and out of the shops, what I found, my personal thoughts of each store, and what kind of clientele they cater to. Remember, every shop is different, and one shop may suit your style or shopping experience better than others. Now Let’s get started!

Local Honey

This shop had been recommended to me by multiple people before my visit, and for a good reason! First of all, this is not only a vintage shop, but also a hair salon. So while you’re waiting for your highlights to process, why not meander over to the merchandise section of the store, and pick out some super cool curated vintage!

What to know:

  • The shop is fairly small and very curated, making it really easy to find the perfect pair of vintage Levi’s or distressed tee.
  • They have a large selection of men’s and unisex items! I loved that they had so many gender neutral items, ensuring that any customer could have a great experience in finding vintage items regardless of gender identity.
  • Aesthetic. Ah yes, we millennials love our aesthetic. From the vibe of the collaged dressing rooms to the minimal decor, the aesthetic of Local Honey is on POINT.
  • They have a really wide range of sizes. So often, vintage can feel conforming to really small sizes (I often wonder if people were miniature back then??), but Local Honey has sizes for everyone!
  • The shop is highly curated. You’ll notice this is also a Pro, but as I stated everyone has their preference in vintage shops. Because this shop is fairly curated there is less of a selection than other vintage shops, but this could be a big pro for people who feel overwhelmed with a larger selection.
  • Following up on the first Con, curated items = higher prices, and rightfully so. Every vintage shop has its’ certain aesthetic it’s looking for, and the more curated a shop is, the smaller the selection, and typically higher the price. In other words, you’re getting the best of the best, and you pay for that!

Hip Zipper

Located in Five Points in East Nashville, Hip Zipper is… hip! Walking into the shop, you feel like you’re instantly transported to a different era. It’s fairly small, but PACKED with vintage goodies of all kinds. They even had vintage baby/kids clothing (be still my ovaries…). You could easily spend an afternoon in this area, and hit up this store in between hipster coffee shops, amazing food, and shops promoting local made goods.

What to know:

  • This store has a huge selection of vintage items. From boxes on boxes of vintage shoes, straw bags, turquoise jewelry to aprons, dresses, and bell bottoms, you can literally find anything vintage you’ve ever dreamed of.
  • The vibe of this shop is my kinda vibe. Sort of thrift-store-esque in that it was semi curated to include all types of vintage, but still not curated to the point where they only focused on certain eras of vintage which satisfied my urge to hunt for a good find.
  • The customer service was unlike any I’ve ever had in a vintage store. The cashier, a spunky girl with a bubbly personality and earrings in the shape of sunny side up eggs, helped me find items in the store, and we talked for a while about vintage in the area. She even printed me a list of her favorite Nashville vintage shops, giving me a play by play of where to go. It was so cool to see someone promote other vintage shops other than Hip Zipper!
  • The prices! As you all know, I’m all about a good deal. Hip Zipper has signs stating the price of different items, unless otherwise marked, instead of pricing everything individually. Everything was priced very affordably for vintage, and I loved knowing that when I picked out an item, I knew how much it would cost before falling in love with it, and then sadly realizing it was way out of my price range. Even the items priced separately were very reasonable!
  • With Hip Zipper not being as curated as a shop like Local Honey, many people might be overwhelmed by the wide selection in such a small space. My advice is to go in with a plan of what you might be looking for (everything is very well organized so that should be pretty easy) or to ask the cashier to help you find something extra special!
  • The dressing rooms. With this being a smaller establishment, I ended up being placed in the bathroom to use as my dressing room. I personally didn’t have a problem with this as an avid thrifter because many thrift stores don’t even have dressing rooms, and I end up trying things on over my clothes in front of a communal mirror most of the time, but it’s something to consider if you prefer to be in a dressing room. If it does, I’d just recommend requesting to be placed in the other true dressing room, and problem solved!



Needless to say, these two shops are a MUST for Nashville dwellers and visitors! Take an afternoon and walk to both like I did. It’ll be an afternoon well spent! And don’t forget to stay tuned for more vintage store adventures and reviews!




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