Not yo Grandma’s Plaid

Plaid. It’s a print that has been around forever… just look in any vintage shop, and I guarantee they’ll have at least one rack that’s designated just for this versatile print! Most plaid comes in the form of button downs, but I prefer to wear it a little differently. Plaid pants are one of my absolute favorite clothing items, and they’re so easy to style! Just throw on a plain top, and you’re out the door. In fact, this is my go to when I’m running late for work, and don’t have time to think much about my outfit. But when I do have a little extra time (i.e. not hitting the snooze button five times…), I like to style plaid pants in a more interesting way. I’m talking SPARKLES people!!

I try to steer clear of the word ‘modest’ because vintage clothing can get a sort of grandma vibe when described as modest, but you could say these pants are ‘cool modest grandma’. Now that’s not a terrible connotation but let’s just say I’m not ready for the prune juice and soap operas quite yet. I love spicing up plaid, especially in the summer, with something unexpected and a little, shall I say, risqué. With that in mind, I set forth in my closet to find the perfect top to take this outfit to ‘cool modest grandma’. I tried a few options: a crop top, off the shoulder button-down, tie up top… alas! I remembered this amazing sheer, silver sparkly tank I’ve had forever. I think I’ve thought of getting rid of this shirt about 3 times, but the hoarder inside of me is so thankful I didn’t!

This tank offers just the right amount of raciness that I was looking for. The black bralette peeks out from under the sheer sparkles of this tank hinting that this grandma is ready to party! Sparkles can be overwhelming, and I don’t consider myself a sparkle kinda gal, but the littlest taste of sparkles in this top are the perfect amount. Paired with this silver, faux alligator clutch, it’s a match made in heaven! To top this party off, I put on my favorite dancing shoes complete with tassels and a pop of red. So the next time you want to wear plaid, try something out of your plaid button-down comfort zone, and add a little sparkle to your modest grandma!


Tank – Thrifted from Goodwill – $4

Plaid Pants – Thrifted from Goodwill – $5

Tassel Heels – Vince Camuto – $30 – Similar here

Silver Faux Alligator Clutch – Gift – Similar here

Tassel Earrings – Local Boutique – $15 – Similar here

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