June Thriftspiration

My June Thriftspiration list is in! And it’s comin in HOT…and also quite late but that just means I’ll have to double up my thrift store visits in the next two weeks 😉 First let’s check in with what I was able to get from May’s Thriftspiration list. Last month I was looking for: Linen, Sheer, Straw Hat, and Tunic/Dress for layering. I’m still on the hunt for sheer and a straw hat, but we can recap the items I am able to check off.

1. Linen

A big trend of the Spring/Summer is linen, and the light and airy fabric is perfect for the 90+ degree weather we’re already getting here in Florida. A few linen items I was able to pick include two pairs of linen pants, a linen crop top , a Michael Kor’s linen blazer, and a white linen tank top. I’ll be keeping a few of these items but have a few of them up for sale on my Depop (@theshiftvintage) I could not be happier to have linen back in style because it’s something that there’s a plethora of at the thrift store making it easy to find! A tip for finding it easily at the thrift store is quickly scanning through the aisle for the linen fabric as it’s pretty simple to spot!


On sale on my Depop @theshiftvintage

On sale on my Depop @theshiftvintage

2. Dress for layering

I found the PERFECT dress to achieve the look I wanted. I picked it up at the thrift store for $5, and it’s 100% wool from J Crew. Let’s recap… $5!! The thrift store truly makes dreams come true y’all. I plan on doing some alterations to the dress, and then I’ll do a blog post on it styled over pants soon!

It’s listed on ebay here!

In addition to the items I’m still in search of from my May Thriftspiration list, here’s what I’m looking for in June!

1.  Fannie Pack

Much to my boyfriends horror I’m looking for a few different types of fannie packs for our Summer travelling coming up shortly! I love the idea of having a sporty/casual fannie pack, and a dressier one I could pair with a dress. In fear of looking like a sorority girl (no offense to all those gals out there), I’ve steered clear of the trend for a few years. Now that I’m officially a year out from my college days, I think it’s finally time I grace my hips with a fannie pack. Wow, my 90’s kid self would be proud! (Also, LOVE the ruffled khaki skirt in the bottom right photo, and I found one from the Who What Wear collection for Target for just $30!)

pack page

2. Swimsuits

It’s my last summer in Florida before the big move to Nashville, so you bet I’m trying to squeeze in every last bit of beach days as possible. And with all the many beach days to come, I’m looking for the very best swimsuits. My ever-vintage-loving heart is so happy to see high cut swimsuits and high-waisted bottoms reminiscent of past decades coming back into style!

Swim page

3. White T

White T’s are so basic – I know. I’ve actually been looking for one for a while though! I’m looking for the perfect white T for layering like some of the looks below. A white T is a must have in a wardrobe, and can be so versatile. In my hunt I’ve found some that are too baggy, or just not in great enough condition. I need one that fits just right, and they can actually be a little difficult to find! I might have to take to Depop to see if I can find one on there. I know I could easily find one at stores like Forever 21 and H&M, but I’d much rather support something second hand.

white t page

4. Coffee Table Art Books

I’ve always dreamed of having a large library full of all sorts of books about art, food, travel, fashion, and reading. I’ve taken a few art and art history classes during high school and college, and like to think I know a small bit about it. What I don’t know, I make up for in admiration for it. Thrift stores are the BEST places to buy books. They typically cost no more than $5, and have a large selection. I’m wanting to find some more art books with sketches and modern art for our Nashville home soon to come!

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