Getaway in the Sunshine State

Ever since I can remember I’ve always been a very creative person. I was the type of kid who was outside making mud pies, writing songs, playing with Barbies, pretending I was in a rock band or had my own cooking show. When I got to middle school I started playing trombone in the band, wanted to sew and knit everything, and joined the dance team (LOL). High School came, and I was so excited sophomore year to wear a shirt on the first day of school that I had sewn myself. The boob parts were really lopsided, but I didn’t care because I had made it, and I thought that was way cool. I started making my own jewelry then, and would scrounge around my house for hours looking for things I could DIY, or make new again. I would cover and recover the walls of my bedroom with new “decor” I made because all I wanted to do was just create! This is also when my love for music and trombone blossomed, and when I ultimately decided I wanted to pursue trombone performance in college. My senior year I was able to attend an arts school on upstate Michigan called Interlochen. From then, I went on to study trombone performance at the New England Conservatory in Boston, MA, where I graduated with a bachelor’s in Trombone Performance. Studying music was a dream, but towards the end of college I started to feel like I needed more. Looking back, I know I always had a lot of different creative outlets, and I lost a lot of that when I took on music full time. There seemed to be an imbalance in my life, and looking forward, I didn’t see myself living the professional musician life, but one that opened myself up to more creative outlets.

I’m sure some people might view that as being a waste of years of my life, not to mention the struggle of starting over again. But that time was so precious and valuable to me, and I don’t think I could ever regret going down the path I did. So much I what I do now, is linked to those times in my life. I learned how to communicate through music, to tell a story, to share my emotions, and let listeners around me go on a journey that was completely personal to them. I learned from a lot of mistakes, what being really stressed out feels like, and what it felt like to strive for and eventually achieve long term goals. I may have truly mastered an art, but I’ve only dipped my toe into what it means to be an artist and a creative. Although things have changed vastly in the past year since my graduation, I feel like I am now exploring new creative outlets further, and I’m feeling more balance in my life!

So when I was recently asked to do a photo shoot by a local photographer here in Jacksonville, FL, Kelly Martucci, for Myron Street Vintage, I sprung at the chance. My inner musician was thrilled to be collaborating with other creatives in what I think of as a symphony of vintage prints and vacation vibes. It was such a cool experience to get to work with Kelly, and style and model the beautiful pieces Carissa from Myron Street had chosen for the vacation getaway lookbook. Not to mention they are both super sweet, encouraging women, who are badass girl boss’! Leaving the shoot I felt so inspired by working with these women, and that I was able to create with them both. The lookbook goes on a journey of a girl on a Summer vacation in the sunshine state. It truly felt so similar to telling a story through music but through a lens instead of a brass bell. I hope you enjoy going on this journey with me on a FL Vacation under the sun!


Yellow Tie Up Top – Myron Street Vintage

Blue Dress – Myron Street Vintage

White Mumu Style Dress – Myron Street Vintage

White Crop Blouse – Myron Street Vintage

Navy and White Floral Button Down – Myron Street Vintage


Everything else … styled by me!

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