Gingham + Linen


Two things I can’t get enough of right now are gingham and linen. Both are so on trend currently, and I managed to snag both this white linen tank and 100% silk pants for about $6… total! The gingham bikini top and yellow bottoms were purchased a while ago for probably around the same price. The thrift is always a treasure trove of vintage linen items on the low low, and since its on my May Thriftspiration list I’ve been going a little overboard (excuse my bad puns!).

I’ve been drawn to more neutrals and pops of color lately. Or at least this is what I consider to be “neutral” for being someone that has a historically maximalist style. Sorry, but I’ll never give up vintage prints! I think as I get older though, I’m drawn towards more classy, streamlined looks, which I’ve been feeling really great and confident in. As someone who’s always been told,”You can pull anything off!”, sometimes I don’t feel that way. When that happens to me it helps to scratch everything and go back to the basics.  These breezy cream colored pants and white tank are an easy go to that I know will look effortless and cool. Also just want to take a moment to say that it can be really scary to put on a swim suit and that 99% of the time you think you look way worse than how others perceive you. If I’ve learned anything with starting a blog and revving up my social media, it’s that my girl Blake Lively knew something when she said, “The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence”. This is my key to “pulling things off”, or when wearing things out of my comfort zone. Exuding confidence helps you feel more confident – it’s as simple as that. Looking at these photos, I could give into negative thoughts but I’m not going to. I’m going to tell you how fabulous this vintage swimsuit is and own it! Here’s some motivation from Beyoncé to help you 👊🏼

Speaking of my swim ware, I obviously had to throw in a pop of color with this retro bikini. I’ve been looking for bikini bottoms like this for a while. I know high waisted bottoms aren’t hard to find nowadays in retail stores, but I’ve never been able to find a pair that I really loved and were affordable. I spotted these yellow ones during the winter months, and knew I’d get use out of them come Summer, and I was right! I then had the idea to wear this red, gingham bikini top with them, and I actually think the colors compliment each other really nicely. Don’t be afraid to mix up swim ware! It’s nearly impossible to find matching swim tops and bottoms at thrift or vintage stores, so always think about mixing patterns and prints!

Photos by Nikki Sirmans

Swim Top – Originally Ann Taylor – Thrifted

Swim Bottom – Vintage – Thrifted

Silk Pants – Originally Ralph Lauren – Thrifted

Linen Tank – Originally Liz Claiborne – Thrifted


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