May Thriftspiration

I can’t believe it’s already May. It feels like I just wrote my April Thriftspiration post for y’all! Not to fear though, I have updates for you on all the stuff I was able to find from that list as well as my Thriftspiration List for May!

First, let’s check up on what I was able to find from my April Thriftspiration post. I was actually super pleased to find many of the items! I’ve made a quick checklist below:

Frames – I found a few right before I found out we were going to move, but I love them! I’m on a bit of a decorating/hanging things on the wall hiatus right now as I know in a few short months we will be having to take it all down, putty the walls, and it’ll just be more work than I’m willing to do. So I have a small collection of items to take with us on our move that I hope will all fit in our future home. If not, I can always re-donate the items! For art to put in the frames, I just printed off some cool pictures on Pinterest that I liked and printed them to put in the frames. Each of these frame range from $2 – $5.

Round Mirror – I absolutely cannot believe I found a round mirror that is exactly like what I wanted at the thrift and for just $25! I thought this was a little pricey but I checked my options through a quick google search (this is an IKEA mirror that is originally $45), and I knew I just wouldn’t be able to find one for less than what I paid. All in all a solid deal, and it looks perfect in our half bath. Also note the wall hanging I purchased on a previous trip for $6! I know this is definitely something I’ll want to use in our future Nashville home, and think it would be fit in any type of room. Similar here!

Robe – I have been slightly obsessed with layering right now, especially longer pieces over pants (sorry not sorry if y’all are over it!)  Long robes over pants are a quick and easy way to style jeans if you’re wanting to change up a classic. I love wearing this over high waisted jeans, a vintage or plain tee, sandals, and my basket bag. I believe the robe was around $4.

Purse – My go to Spring “purse” is found! I actually ended up not thrifting it but was graciously gifted it by my mama. It was her sewing basket since the 70s! I love that I have so many memories of this basket growing up, and I never thought about using it as a purse until now. My mom knows I love vintage items so she usually lets me have a lot of items that I charrish of hers or that have been passed down. I always like to think that stuff before me had a life and when I get rid of it, it will have a new life through someone else. I think my mom gets that too, and I love that I already know the story behind it, and am reminded of many memories of my mom using this basket for sewing plus it’s absolutely adorable!!

Now onto my May Thriftspiration!

1. Linen – This season has proven to bring out all the linen by designers. Reformation, Sir the Label, Free People, and so many more have been giving me so much linen inspiration right now. The good news is linen is actually pretty easy to find and for muuuuch more affordable at the thrift store. I’ve already been able to find a few 100% linen items but that’s not stopping me from wanting more. Although I know I won’t be able to find items exactly like these, I’m using them as inspiration to find some unique linen pieces!

Linen Page

2. Sheer – I was originally looking for a sheer jacket as I love the middle look with the long white sheer jacket (my layering obsession strikes again!) but then I realized I just wanted everything that was sheer. I’ll be looking for sheer tops, jackets, socks, and really anything that’s sheer. Sometimes the hotter months get me in a funk because I’m constantly wearing shorts and tank tops to combat the sticky, hot weather. Not only do I love the look them, but it’s also really easy to pair a bralette under a sheet top when going out on a hot summer night, or layering a tank over a change up an otherwise boring tank and shorts.

Sheer page

3. Straw Hat – Slowly, I’ve been becoming really excited to style hats in my wardrobe. Ok, maybe not slowly as I thrifted two hats last month alone, but I still feel like I’m getting used to styling and incorporating them into my wardrobe. It’s beach season here, and I am looking for the perfect straw hat similar to any of these (which would all look amazing with linen!) to thrift this month. Time to the put the wool hats in storage and go for a lighter, summery look!

Straw hat page

4. Tunic/Dresses for Layering – I guess this comes with no surprise, but the last thing I’m looking for are tunics, dresses, and tunic sets. Hey, if it’s broke don’t fix it! I’m really into layering tunics and dresses over pants, and think pieces like this are perfect as separates or for layering!

Pants over dress page

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