Pastel Jumpsuit

Much to many people’s horror, the 80s are making a comeback (in the very best way!). Of all the decades to emulate, I’ve been pretty apprehensive about this neon-dowsed era. I’m more of a 60s and 70s flower child, bell bottom lover, but I’m never one to stray away from trying something out of my norm! In a way, the more I become open and exploratory with my wardrobe, the more I’ve felt comfortable with myself and adventurous in who I am!

Having fun with my wardrobe, and taking fashion risks has helped me stay true to my creative nature. So when I found this tan and peachy pastel 80s jumpsuit, I figured it was now or never. The 80s shall be revived through this dreamy tropical print! And boy, am I glad I took a dive into this magical decade.

After ripping out the shoulder pads and adding in some new elastic, this jumpsuit was ready to make its Floridian debut. The cut out in the back is right on trend and adds some adorable detail. I’m a true sucker for cutout backs, and little details that vintage items seem to always have. I feel like I’m ready to take a major vacation, and only pack this, a bikini, and some sandals to give some major Miami Vice vibes.

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Photos by: Nikki Roughton ||

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