April Thriftspiration

I always keep a wishlist on my phone of items I want to buy at the thrift store currently as well as a secret pinterest board of outfits I want to remake. If I know I’m going to the thrift store the next day, I like to run through my list and pinterest board for inspiration. This helps me stay on track while I’m at the thrift store. I especially recommend this for people who tend to get overwhelmed at the thrift store. I find that when you go in with a list, inspiration, or even an outfit you want to remake, then you can focus on what you really came for, and leave in record time. I can only imagine the damage I would rack up on my credit card if not for doing this. When there are a plethora of great prices and selections, it’s best to stay focused, and avoid buying things just because they’re cheap. Don’t worry – I always do a quick run around to see if I can spot any vintage goodies that aren’t on my list, but are too good to pass up on.

Since I already curate a running list, I thought I’d start a new blog post, and share my monthly ‘thriftspiration’! I’m really excited for y’all to see how I take high fashion, trends, and inspiration, and turn them into real life thrift finds! The longer I thrift, the more I realize that I absolutely love exploring new designers, seeing what’s popular right now, and recreating that for myself on a budget through thrifting. I truly think that dressing fashionably can be done by anyone, and for a fraction of the price.

Gallery Board

Frames – We just moved into a brand new house, and I am having so much fun decorating our new spaces. And wouldn’t you know, I love thrifting home decor. I’d say probably 75% of our house is thrifted, and I absolutely love it. Home decor comes back into style just like fashion, so why not satisfy all my boho, vintage decor dreams from the thrift? My first space to conquer is my home office, so I’ve turned to pinterest for boho office inspiration, and know that I definitely want to incorporate some wall art, and possibly a gallery wall with a sort of eclectic vibe. The thrift store is where I buy nearly all my frames and art (although we have a few nice pieces thanks to my boyfriends art dealer Grandma – Thanks Grandma!!). I love these unique gallery walls as a whole, and have turned to them to look for individual frames/art as well! P.S. If you haven’t checked out Brittany from Flea Style (top left), do it!


Mirror Board

Circle Mirror – Circle mirrors have been popular for a while, and I ain’t complainin! Our new house is a bit traditional for my taste so I’ve been switching out details, like our bathroom mirrors, for more modern/boho touches. Being realistic, I don’t think I’ll be able to find a mirror exactly like these in the pictures, but that won’t stop me from trying! Round mirrors aren’t hard to come by, but usually have dated frames. I’m always up for a good old DIY, and I adore adding greenery around the mirror to give it a unique touch.

Purse Board

Purse – 60s style purses are back, baby! If you’ve seen my instagram lately then you know I recently found an orange 60s purse at the thrift store (for $3!), and have been wearing it nonstop sense. I’ve been inspired to find a purse with circular/ring handles since obsessing over this Simon Miller bag that I could never afford. These tiny bags are so impractical but their just so damn cute! I’ve also been loving the wicker/basket purse, and they’re actually pretty easy to find so I will definitely be stocking up on these this month!

Robe board

Robe – I originally saw one of my favorite Youtubers/Bloggers, Beth Jones, style a robe over jeans, and I fell.in.love. She’s just so quirky and fearless when it comes to fashion, and inspired me to try and thrift a robe myself. I then saw all these robe looks at Paris Fashion week, and this quickly became my top ‘must thrift’ item. I’m really into layering looks while transitioning from Spring to Summer, and think this look would be fabulous over jeans or shorts. Also, this reminds me… I definitely need a fanny pack of some sort to recreate the middle robe look!


*None of these pictures belong to me, and I do not claim them as mine

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