Lovely in Pink







To be honest, I’ve never been the hugest fan of Valentine’s day as an adult. As I reached the point in adulthood where it was no longer socially acceptable for me to decorate a cereal box for others to drop their valentines and candy in like we had in grade school, I just didn’t see the point. But nowadays, I’ve tried to look into the true meaning of Valentine’s Day and especially what that means for me… LOVE! It’s so important to me to spread love right now, when there seems to be alotta haters out there. I truly believe in the healing powers of sharing the love, and doing things out of love for others. Obviously, I needed the perfect Valentines outfit to do so!

If you would’ve asked me a few years ago what my favorite color was I would without hesitation would say black. I attribute this mostly to the frigid and dark Boston winters. It’s amazing how much weather can affect your mood and fashion inspiration. Now that I’ve moved back to my beloved sunshine state, I’ve loved color! I feel so inspired by the sunshine (another healing power I truly believe in), and this reflects in my fashion choices.

Pink is a color I was very hesitant of at first, but I’ve quickly learned that it is one the colors that makes me feel happy and bright. For my Valentines look, I decided to go with something pink but not too pink. I thrifted this 70s flower power shirt a while back, and have yet to wear it. It came as part of a set with matching pants (I’ll update y’all when I actually have the courage to wear the matching set together…), but I usually just wear the pants.

To break up the pink, I paired it with this denim zip up jumper I thrifted for $2. Denim is my absolute FAVORITE, so I decided to go with an outfit that wasn’t overly V-day inspired, and stay true to myself. Since it’s basically already Spring here, I’m breaking the sandals back out, and think these tan block heals add the final girly touch.


How will you be styling your Valentine’s Day?

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