Valentine’s Gift Guide


DAT ASS Mug– I’m a sucker for mugs, and I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed in receiving a mug as a present. This mug is so so cute, and also complimentary! And it’s not too pricey at $14.


Take Him to Dinner – What better way to smash the patriarchy than to take him to dinner?


Femme Pin Galentines Day is a real holiday in my calendar, and I’m currently pretending Lesley Knope is my president. I couldn’t decide on just one of these enamel pins but this Babe and Girl Squad pin were two of my favorites. You really can’t go wrong with putting one of these on a jean jacket and spreading a message in style. Choose a few of your favorite gals (or guys!)and spread the Galentines loves.


Donate to the ACLU – Gifts are always amazing to get, but donating to an organization with a worthy cause like the ACLU is so meaningful right now. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with giving or receiving V-day gifts! But, if you aren’t into the pink and hearts then switch it up by donating to the ACLU on someone’s behalf, and contribute to standing up for our constitutional rights, injustices going on in our country, and protecting our civil liberties. I honestly couldn’t think of a better gift!


BUY LOCAL – Y’all know I buy almost everything second-hand, but I also support local shops… even if that means buying online through a local store! I personally love all the markets and local shops in Jacksonville, but you always have the option to buy online as well. Buying local means your gifts will always be unique, and you’ve helped contribute to growing your local economy, and building a better community! If you live in Jacksonville, FL my favorite local stores are: Sweet Theory Baking Co. (vegan baked goods to DIE for), Fans & Stoves Antique Mall (contrary to their name, they do not sell fans or stoves. They have the best selection in town of vintage jewelry!), and Wolf and Cub (the cutest vintage clothes and local goods)


This concludes my small Valentines Gift Guide. To me, Valentines Day is often more about spreading love than giving gifts, but I hope this list helps to inspire you to give! Hope everyone has wonderful and and LOVELY Valentines Day.

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