Bells & Bombers


Lately I’ve really been inspired by minimalist sort of looks. I absolutely love @double3xposure’s Instagram and blog. She wears a lot of button downs, so I’ve been looking for a great button down with some extra long sleeves while thrifting recently. I really liked the below from Zara.


I found this blouse that’s everything I wanted, and it was only $6! I can definitely say that I’m officially SOLD on the button-down trend right now. They pair perfectly with my scarf collection, and can act as a basic to pair with any outfit.

Blazing oranges, corals, pinks, anything vibrant has made me feel so happy and bright lately. These vintage 70s knit slacks are still one of my favorite finds from when I lived in Boston, and I think, the perfect compliment to a classic button down. I wore this vintage bomber jacket to complete the look.

Top: thrifted, Similar here

Pants: thrifted

Shoes: thrifted

Scarf: garage sale

Bomber jacket: thrifted

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