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Although I’ve set some personal goals formyself for this year, I’ve really enjoyed how so many people are choosing a word of the year.  I feel it’s almost more of a philosophy to come back to throughout the year to help in those times you might need it. I decided to have a word of the year for myself!

My wordof 2017: Intent

This past year brought about a lot of changes for my life: changing my profession, graduating, moving across the country, starting a new job in a field I knew nothing about, and just trying to figure everything out and who I was along the way. I look back, and sometimes think that I didn’t take advantage of the opportunities in front of me, or, most of the time, that I was holding my own self back out of fear of what others might think, self-doubt, unhappiness, etc., etc., etc.

My word of the year is Intent. I want my time this year to be intentional. I want to do more of the things that make me happy, pursue my ideas and goals that I’ve always thought I could never do, and be proactive about what helps me grow as a person. Intent means having an aim, purpose, and meaning behind actions. I want to fill my life in 2017 with aim, purpose, and meaning. I’m going to try to find intent in my time this year, and fill it with all things that help me flourish.

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